Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I am Mi, and I am running this kennel with my parents.

Together with our pets, we live in a little village B'hoofd, a pretty village in Brabant.

I was raised among several animals. Besides the cats and dogs we had, we also had several horses. For my family I wanted a dog, a big one and with a character that can easily join up to my family.

Out of many hours of surfing on the web I learned that the Cane Corso is the type of dog to meet my requirements. Consequently I read several books and articles and even spoke a few breeders. The Cane Corso distinguishes itself on the following points of other species:

A perfect family dog

Very child pleasant

A very obedient dog


By the end of February I bought at Cdc a seven week old bitch, Chanti. She was just five days old when I picked her out.

She developed into a very social and child friendly dog and like to cuddle most.

Chanti had her First nest (5 puppies, 2 bitches) on November 12, 2006. Out of this nest  I kept one bitch, Kiani.
Even though I am not into breeding, I will consider a nest of Kiani, if she happened to develop just like her mother Chanti.
I will keep you posted.
I do this al together with my parents.

Besides the great amount of pictures of my family, pets including their pedigrees and hd-results you also find picture and result of the shows I visited. Nature photography is also part of this collection of pictures to be seen on this site.

I also work as a freelance photographer. Due to privacy rules I am not to publish these photos.


Finally I thank you for visiting my website

April 2006  copyright by M.Chang