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Pedigree Name Ch. Apriori Best Bogdan
Clamour Name Bogdan (Boogy)
Geslacht Male
Hd Results Hd-C
Ed Results Ed Free (Not officiel)
Born 27-11-2010
Bite Undershot
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Dutch Champ
Dutch Youth Champ
Belgium Champ
Belgian Youth Winner 2011
Belgian Winner 2011
Youth Winner 2011
Winner 2011
Golden Dog/Pup Trophy 2011
Ambiorix Trofee Jeugd Winner 2012

1x BIG Youth Group 3e Place
1x BIG Puppy Group 4e Place
1x BIG Baby Group 5e Place
1x Beste reu off the show from the youth dogs CCCN
7x BOB
5x BOS
7x Best Youth Dog
4x Best Puppy
2x Best Baby
9x CAC
5x CAC (BE)

26x Excelent
4x Very Good
6x Very Promissing
Father Charlie Del Rossa Malpelo JCH.RUS, CH.RUS
Mother Vassabi
Color Black
Breeder Apriori Best  From Elena Maikova
Weight 64.0 kg
Hight -70 cm
Discription :  A real Cane Corso
Like to work and play, is very sweat to own people
And play with the small and big dogs, males and females
We love him



Penoza Zion Del Montagna Oro

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Name Penoza Zion Del Montagna Oro
Clamour Name Ken-G
Geslacht Male
Born in Bosschenhoofd
Born 22-04-2015
Bite To young
Father Nazar Oro Hd-A                                      (GDA Keanu Hd-  X GDA Nefer Hd-A)
Mother Ch Casino Sic-Bo Del Montagna Oro Hd-A (Ch. Albano Kiani DMO Hd-A X CET Duvatti Diesel Hd-A)
Ed-Result Ed-?
HD-Result Hd-?
DNA Ready
Pedigree nr NHSB    Link naar stamboom
Titels Beste Puppy KCM 2016
Breeder Del Montagna Oro
Weight 40 kilo 11-12-2015
High 69 cm (12-01-2016)
Stud A very sweat social male
like other dogs



Molito Oro Del Montagna Oro

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Name Molito Oro Del Montagna Oro
Clamour Name Oro
Geslacht Male
Born in Landgraaf
Born 22-01-2014
Father Ch. Gilano Grand Del Montagna Oro Hd-B, Ed Vrij
Mother Kuonio Umbria Del Montagna Oro Hd-A, Ed Vrij (niet off)
HD-Result Hd-?
Pedigree nr NHSB 2951939   Link naar stamboom
Titels Nog geen titels
Stud Male  



Inizio Uzi Del Montagna Oro (Jazz)

[Pedigree]          [Hd-Result]

Offspring from Jazz x Floortje

Name Inizio Uzi Del Montagna Oro
Clamour name Jazz
Place Bosschenhoofd
Born on 08-10-2011
Father Bel Pensiero Sei Massimo Hd-A
Mother Ch. Casino Sic-Bo Del Montagna Oro     Hd-A  (Ch.Albano Kiani Del Montagna Oro Hd-Ax CET Duvatti Diesel Hd-A)
HD-Result Hd-A NBW-40 B-0
Pedigree nr NHSB  2856236  Link naar Pedigree
Titels Nog geen titels
Studd Wordt ingezet als Dekreu voor een gepast teef met de juiste Hd uitslagen en cc uiterlijk
Voor deze reu kan er contact opgenomen worden met Del Montagna Oro of met Kristien Dirven
de eigenaresse van deze reu.


                                                                 R.I.P. Albano Diaz DMO (car accident)

              [Pedigree]    [for geröntgend Hd-A]  [Hd Result]  [Diaz 0 tot 1yr]    [ Family from Diaz]

R.I.P. Diaz
12-11-2006  - 30-10-2010
He is past away because he had a car accident

  • Name:                    Albano Diaz Del Montagna Oro

  • Clamour name:      Diaz

  • Hd Result:             Hd-A, B.0, NW.38

  • Born on:                12 November 2006

  • Father:                  Amico del Petto Biker

  • Mother:                 Cdc Chanti

  • Color:                     Blue

  • Breeder:                Del Montagna Oro

  • Weight:                  54.0 kg

  • Hight                      68 cm

  • Stud                       He is father off two litters before he died.


  • Discription Diaz: The best and sweates guy off my life